This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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Any details of a card can be reached from the Search screen and clicking on the card hyper link.  The Card Details screen provides specific detail about a selected card.  The Owner/Manager can register a customer or employee card as well as set permissions for each card.  

Card Details

To access this function, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have SEARCH CARDS selected under CARDS in permission settings.  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

  1. Select CARDS.
  2. Select SEARCH.
  3. Select the specific card you wish to see the details on.
  4. If you make any changes to this screen, select the SAVE option at the top of the screen, and a green "Data Saved Successfully" message appears.  Select BACK when finished.

Card Details Screen Field Descriptions

TypeThe type of card user:  Manager, Attendant, Technician, Collector, or Customer.


The language that the user selected when the card was dispensed. Only the manager can change the default language on a user's card.


Use this option to make a card invalid if it is lost or stolen. Once a card is marked invalid, it will no longer be usable in the store. If a lost card is recovered, you may go back and mark it valid again for use.


Each card may have a unique discount. Enter the discount percentage (between 0 and 100%) for that user. If a card is given 100% discount, then it will start any machine for free if that machine accepts discounts. Customer cards default to 0% discount.

Free Dries

This is a hidden account that stores the number of Free Dry starts that the user has earned. If a free dry is not offered by the store (done through the equipment type setup), then users do not accumulate free dry time.


All user types (except customers) may have a Personal Identification Number assigned. This PIN is then required for access to that user's functions.

Registration Information

All user types (except customers) may have a Personal Identification Number assigned. This PIN is then required for access to that user's functions.

Date Issued

This is the date and time this card was dispensed and issued to the user.


This is the amount the system took from the customer when a new card was issued. This amount can be different on each card depending on how you have set your deposit price over time. If a card is merged with another card, the deposit amount is also merged.


This is the amount of value remaining on the user's card.


If you award bonus money to users, this is where the amount of bonus is stored.


This is the total amount this user has spent in your laundry since he or she got a card.

Last Used

This is the date and time this card was last used.

Last Added 

This is the amount added to the card.

Last Amount

This is the amount last deducted from the card.

Last Machine  

This is the machine number last used by the user.


This is where you can store misc. comments regarding this customer or card. These comments are NOT viewable by the customer.

Special Message

This text field will allow you to type a special message to a specific customer. The next time the customer inserts their card into the X-Changer, the special message will appear. Once a special message has been viewed by a customer, the message box will disappear.