This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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If a customer reports that they 'lost' money on a transaction at the X-Changer, you can select Maintenance from the main menu and use the Customer Error Log to view any errors that recently occurred on the X-Changers.  If a bill acceptor or card dispenser jams while a customer is trying to make a purchase, this report will show you where and when this error occurred.


Customer Error Log

To access thisfunction, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have SYSTEM ERROR MESSAGESselected under MAINTENANCE inpermission settings.  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

  1. Select MAINTENANCE.
  3. This log will show any errors on an X-Changer.
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