This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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The General Information screen is where you can change store location details, set card deposit amount, as well as other settings.


General Information Page

To access these functions, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have GENERAL INFO selected under SYSTEM SETUP in permission settings.  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

Do not delete or change the store ID number or your system will NOT function properly!

  1. Select System Setup from the Main Menu.
  2. Select General Info.

Store Information Section

Store IDStore Identifier in the LaundryCard System
Store OwnerName of store owner
Store NameThe Store's name that appears at the top of reports for identification purposes
Store Address Store's Address appears at the top of reports for identification purposes
Store Phone Store's phone number
Card Concepts PhonePhone number to CCI that can be used to contact technical support

Laundry Card V9 Manual - You can download and save the Version 9 manual for your own personal use. *Only shown when remotely connected*  

Miscellaneous Settings Section

Card Deposit Name (English/Spanish)The message displayed to the customer notifying them of the required deposit
New Card Deposit The deposit amount that will be deducted from new card purchases before the new card is dispensed to the customer. The amount collected during new card purchases is stored in the 'Card Deposit' field on each Laundry Card.
Report PrinterIf printer is connected to the system, a printed receipt will dispense of each card transaction. If there is no printer connected to the system, un-check this box to avoid printer errors during collections.
Show Default Advertising Screen

When checked, will show the default "Advertising Opportunities Available" from an idle machine.

Customer Card Stays in ReaderWhen checked, the customer card needs to stay in the reader to complete the screen functions.
Customer Account TimeoutThe amount of time a customer's card is in the system and there's no activity before the system times out
Red Box Popup Alert DelaySet the amount of time a red box popup alert stays up on the screen.
Data Export RetentionThe number of days the system retains exported data.

Screen Messages Section

Main Screen MessagesThese 50 character messages can be customized and appear on the front index screen, Spanish version will appear when previous customer uses Spanish card.  Must enter text in Spanish, system does not translate.

Money Message 1 & 2

These 50 character messages can be customized and appear on screens where customer is asked for money.  Messages run one after the other.

Credit Card Settings Section

Make sure to check with your credit card processing provider to see which credit cards are supported.

Card ImagesYou are able to select what credit cards you accept at your store.
API Login IDGenerated by - Do NOT change!
Transaction KeyGenerated by - Do NOT change!
Credit Card Minimum AmountThe minimum amount that can be charged on a single credit card transaction.
Credit Card Maximum Amount The maximum amount that can be charged on a single credit card transaction.
Daily Credit Card Limit The maximum amount that a single credit card number can charge in a system on a single day without attendant intervention.  If customer attempts to use card after this amount has been reached they will be prompted to 'See the Attendant for Assistance'.  The attendant can use the Verify Credit Card feature to override this setting.
Receipt PrinterCheck this box if you want customers to be able to print credit card receipts.
Daily Recovery LimitThe amount a daily recovery cannot exceed.
Exclude From RecoveryIf checked, the program dollars you want to exclude from your recovery search.
Apply DepositIf checked, includes the deposit amount in the recovery search
How Many Days Back to SearchThe number of days back you want your search to cover
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