This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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It may be desirable over time to clear out old abandon cards that have not been used for some time.  This function will allow a user to designate the criteria for which cards should be deleted.  Follow the below steps to purge cards.


Purging Cards

To access this function, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have PURGE selected under CARDS in permission settings.  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

Only cards that have been dispensed for at least 1 year can be purged.

  1. Select CARDS from the main menu. 
  2. Select PURGE.
  3. Complete the following information to purge the cards.
Balance <Includes all cards with a balance less than the amount entered here
Last Used BeforeIncludes all cards last used before the date entered here.
Issued BeforeIncludes all the cards issued before the date entered here.
Show Card DetailsWhen checked, includes the details of each card's history
Include Cards Never UsedWhen checked, includes all cards never dispensed
Number of CardsIncludes the number of cards to be purged
Minimum BalanceIncludes cards with the minimum amount of money entered here
Maximum BalanceIncludes cards with the maximum amount of money entered here
Average BalanceIncludes cards with the average amount of money entered here on the card
Total BalanceIncludes cards with the total amount of money entered here on the card
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