This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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Any prize configured by the Store Owner/Manager must be redeemed.  Once a customer has met the designated points for the prize configured, they must inform the Store Owner/Manager.  Once informed, the Store Owner/Manager must redeem the prize through the Marketing tab.  Follow the instructions below to redeem the prize.


How to Redeem a Prize

To access this function, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have REDEEM PRIZE selected under MARKETING in permission settings .  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

  1. Insert your Manager card.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Redeem Prize.
  4. Select "Redeem" next to the Prize the customer wants to claim and provide the customer with the prize.
  5. Once redeemed, the date and time of the redemption will appear.
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