This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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The LaundryCard System may need a restart occasionally.  Follow the steps below to perform this function.


How to Restart the LaundryCard System

To access this function, employee card must have RESTART SYSTEM selected under MAINTENANCE in permission settings .  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to modify permissions.

  • It's not advised to execute reboots remotely, On site interaction is required! 

Step 1 - Initiate Reboot

  1. Insert employee card into X-Changer and click Maintenance then Restart System.

  2. Choose the appropriate button to reboot the X-Changer. 
    1. If the X-Changer being rebooted is database primary, the system will automatically perform a failover before rebooting. Note: This only applies to V9+ 

Step 2 - Confirm Reboot

  1. When prompted, click OK to confirm.

Step 1 - Perform Failover

  1. Insert employee card into Primary X-Changer and click Maintenance then System Error Messages. Verify no database backup errors are present.
    1. If database backup errors are present, contact Technical Support before proceeding.

  2. Click the Back button.
  3. Click the Restart System button.
  4. Choose Failover to Backup. When prompted, click OK to confirm.

X-Changers should be rebooted once a month for optimum performance!

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