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This page outlines the fee structure and procedures regarding Authorize.Net as it relates to Card Concepts Inc. products and services.

Account Setup

Card Concepts Inc. establishes all Authorize.Net accounts on behalf of all customers utilizing credit card processing for both LaundryCard and FasCard systems.  Per the account setup agreement, Card Concepts handles the primary account administration.  Each operator is provided with login credentials, although some access is limited to prevent communication errors between the credit processing gateway and the associated card system.  Operators will receive all administrative notices from Authorize.Net to the email address they have provided.

Retrieving Lost Credentials

Operators that have lost or never obtained their login credentials may request them by emailing Orders@LaundryCard.Com.  Please include all account information available, including the CCI account number.

Fees and Related Procedures

Authorize.Net assesses the following fees to each customer, which are the responsibility of the operator:

  • Setup Fee - $49.00 at time of Authorize.Net account creation
  • Monthly Fee - $15.00 per month 
  • Transaction Fee - $.06 per transaction
  • Batch Fee - $.06 per batch
  • Late Fee - $20.00 - see below under "Delinquent Account Procedures"

Delinquent Account Procedures

If the first billing attempt in a given month fails (e.g. due to insufficient funds, etc) a late fee of $20.00 is added to the account.  Authorize.Net's automated system will then attempt a second billing on the 15th of the month for the total amount due, including the added late fee.  If this second billing attempt fails and the account is not then paid by the 30th of the month, the account is deactivated before the start of the following month.  

If an account is deactivated, all online access is disabled for both Card Concepts as well as the operator.  Once this point is reached, operators are advised to contact Card Concepts to work with Authorize.Net to resolve the issue.

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