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This guide should be followed on a Bi-Monthly basis to ensure that your dispenser continues to perform as intended with minimal downtime.
Table of Contents

Card Concepts Inc takes no responsibility for data loss due to human error, hardware failure, or other such circumstances.

Supplies Needed

Rubber Roller CleanerQ-Tips

Do not use alcohol to clean the rollers. 


Shut down the Touch Kiosk via Maintenance Menu. Open the card reader carriage but pulling on the latch bar and pulling up gently.

With the carriage open, Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the parts of the dispenser:

  1. Apply Rubber Roller Cleanser to paper towel or Q-tip and clean the Tension Rollers by swiping across as you roll them.
  2. Clean the Tension Bars by rubbing vigorously to remove any dirt or residue. Confirm that they are white and not yellow or dirty.
  3. Insert a test card to the first sensor just before the forward rollers and this will cause the rollers to spin.
  4. While the rollers are spinning press lightly with your cleaning media for a 3 count to make sure all dirt is removed from the roller. Repeat for the remaining 3 rollers.
  5. With the Read Head exposed and with light pressure, Clean by rubbing in the direction that the cards travel through the carriage. DO NOT go side to side. 
  6. With a dry paper towel, wipe off any residual liquid from all surfaces.

    Repeating these steps several times may be necessary. Once finished, remove the test card from the slot and switch the power supply located behind the bill acceptor off and on again. Dispense several cards to ensure performance.