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Equipment Details

Average Installation Time

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Make: Electrolux
TEST F2 Reader Installation Guides


Known Models

TEST F2 Reader Installation Guides

This document assumes the installer has working knowledge of hand tools and of the target machine in question. Physical modification of machine may be required, including modification of machine panels and internal modification to accommodate cables or harnesses. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or for any damage that may occur to target machine.

Required Hardware

Card Reader

One of the following readers.

Part IDDescriptionImage
LC WiFi Reader
Front/Vertical Mount
LC WiFi Reader
Top/Horizontal Mount
F2 FasCard Reader
Front Mount
F2 FasCard Reader
High Front/Top Mount
FLEX Reader
Front/Vertical Mount
FLEX Reader
Top/Horizontal Mount

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

See 0122 F2 Reader Install Guide for more information.


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Install Mounting Hardware

Coin and Card

P/N: C-6801
F2 Reader Mounting Kit
Qty: 1

  1. Place the C-6700-TEMP Drill Template on the desired mounting location.

  2. Verify included harnesses will reach desired location without encountering interference from internal machine components.

  3. Refer to FasCard Mounting Guide for further instructions.

Card Only

P/N: C-1059
10-32 - Kep
Qty: 2
P/N: C-6801
F2 Reader Mounting Kit
Qty: 1
P/N: C-6920R1
Mounting Bracket
6" Straight w/ studs
Qty: 1

  1. Remove existing coin box and coin drop.

  2. Attach C-5414 F2 Mounting Bracket to the C-6920R1 Vault Mounting Bracket using the C-5702 Chase Nipple and C-5703 Nut.
  3. Install the C-6920R1 Vault Mounting Bracket over the coin vault. Secure in place using C-1059 Kep Nuts.

Connect Power

P/N: C-5101
Spade Taps
18-14 AWG
Qty: 3
P/N: C-5210
Power Adapter Harness
Qty: 1
P/N: C-5500-84
Power Extension Harness
Qty: 1
P/N: C-5602R1
Power Converter
Qty: 1

  1. Tap power as described in the Fascard Reader Install - Universal Concepts document using the C-5101 Spade Taps provided.
  2. Connect the C-5210 Power Adapter Harness to the installed spade taps. Connect the opposite end to the C-5602 Power Converter.
  3. Connect the C-5500-84 Power Extension Harness to the appropriate connector on the C-5602 Power Converter. The remaining cable end connects to the FasCard reader.

Connect Coin Sense Harness

Coin Drop: Factory

P/N: C-6357
Coin Sense Harness (SA)
can use C-6357-144
Qty: 1

  1. Disconnect the Coin Drop from the Machine Control Assembly.
  2. Connect the C-6357 Coin Sense Harness to the harness connected to the Coin Drop.

Connect Machine Interface Harness


P/N: C-5353R1
Machine Start Harness (SA)
40" - LaundryLux
Qty: 1

  1. Connect the C-5353R1 Machine Start Harness to the Coin 1 connection on the Machine Control Assembly.

Connect and Mount Reader

Item No.ComponentNotes
1Power Connection PortUtilizes the same power harnesses as the first generation FasCard reader.
2Pulse Connection PortConnection point for pulse machine start harnesses.
3Coin 1 Connection PortThis is the connection point for the harness input associated with Coin 1.
4Coin 2 Connection PortThis is the connection point for the harness input associated with Coin 2.
5Serial Connection PortThis is the connection point for serial machine start harnesses.

  1. Feed remaining harness ends through the mounting hole as described in the F1: FasCard Reader Mounting Guide.
  2. Connect the free end of the C-5353R1 Machine Start Harness to port 2 (Pulse Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  3. Connect the free end of the C-6357 Coin Sense Harness to port 3 (Coin Sense Harness Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  4. Connect the free end of the C-5500-84 Power Harness to port 1.
  5. Secure the FasCard reader to base as described in the FasCard Mounting Guide.

Machine Configuration


FasCard Admin Site Configuration

Use the following settings depending on the Machine Start Harness used.

Pulse (C-5353R1)

  1. Equipment Type: SingleVend
  2. Pulse Length: 500