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These install instructions are for converting coin ready A-Micro controlled machines (HCxxAC2 or HCxxACV) to card ready, which allows for multi-level vend pricing, including 'Extra Wash' and 'Extra Rinse' options. This kit requires that the machine be upgraded to include serial communication hardware that consists of a special daughter board and a specific micro ship available only from Alliance Laundry Systems.

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Required Hardware

The following Alliance parts must be obtained from Alliance Laundry Systems if not already installed.

Part NumberDescription
F200017400PInterface CCA (Daughter Board)

F8228701 (AC2 Models)

F8228702 (ACV Models)

Serial communication EPROM Chip


 Change pricing to 1pr and set vend to 1.50 and extra wash and rinse to .25 by the following steps.

  1. With original coin chip installed flip program switch to the left to program mode "tSFL" appears on screen.
  2. Press "rugs/blanket Cold" button which has * printed on it.
  3. Display will show model and size example "HC20_"  for 20# machine.
  4. Press Start Display reads "nOd1" for one second then displays extra wash add cost.
  5. Use "extra Wash" for increase   "extra rinse" for decrease to .25 then press "start"
  6. "nOd2" is displayed for one second then displays extra rinse add cost.
  7. Use "extra Wash" for increase   "extra rinse" for decrease to .25 then press "start"
  8. Use Start key to advance past  programming steps:
  9. Next step needs to be set to "1Pr"  using the Extra Wash to toggle from "6Pr"
  10. Next change Value "AntStrt" to  $1.50 using Extra Wash key for increase or Extra Rinse key for decrease hit start key until "tSFL"  appears then flip program switch back to run mode.
  11. Check that all 6 cycles are 1.50 and extra wash is .25 and Extra rinse is .25
  12. Cut power off from machine.
  13. Install Card Chip with half circle marking in correct orientation with chip socket on main board
    For the “AC2” (2-Speed) Control, you would need to order P/N F8228701, to make it a “AY2”.
    For the “ACV” (V- Speed) Control, you would need to order P/N F8228702, to make it a “AYV”.
  14. Install Daughter board F200017400P onto left side of control lining up the black female socket with the pins on control and tighten the 2 nuts to secure.
  15. Install card reader and harnesses per instructions
  16. Power on machine.
  17. After dashes clear and correct price from Fascard reader is displayed on Washer display  flip  program switch to program side. “tSFL” appears on display.
  18. Push "rugs/blanket Cold"  (*) key 
  19. Push start key several times until "tSFL" appears again.
  20. Flip program switch back to run mode and test start.