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Alliance Quantum Gold Horizon Washer are available exclusively from Speed Queen


Quantum Gold HorizonQuantum Gold Control

Model Numbers

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Special Notes

  • The Quantum Gold control requires a special jumper be plugged in to it in order to tell the control to operate in 'Card' mode, this jumper is provided by CCI part number C-0110-CP.


The following list describes the functionality that CCI FasCard reader has with control...

  • Cycle based pricing
    • The Quantum Gold has 8 cycle options, FasCard can charge unique price for each cycle
      • Normal Hot
      • Normal Warm
      • Normal Cold
      • Perm Press Hot
      • Perm Press Warm
      • Perm Press Cold
      • Delicate Hot
      • Delicate Warm
      • Delicate Cold
  • Cycle modifier
    • The Quantum Gold has 2 cycle modifier, FasCard can up charge the vend price when user selects one or both of these options.
      • Medium Soil
      • Heavy Soil
  • Cycle Configuration
    • The ability to turn on or off the following options...
      • Heavy Cycle
        • Prewash
        • Extra Rinse
        • Extra Wash
        • Warm Rinse
      • Super Cycle
        • Prewash
        • Extra Rinse
        • Extra Wash
        • Warm Rinse
    • The ability to set the Default Cycle
      • Normal/Hot
      • Normal/Warm
      • Normal/Cold
      • Rugs & Blankets/Cold
      • Delicate/Warm
      • Delicate/Cold
    • The ability to turn on or off the Audio Signal for...
      • Key Press
      • End of Cycle
      • Coin Drop/Card Inserted
      • Remove Card Beep
      • Start Pad Beep

Screen Shots

Cycle Configuration Interface - Equipment Setup


Pricing Interface - Pricing/Schedule Setup


Additional Resources

Quantum Gold Horizon Brochure

Quantum Gold Control Brochure

FasCard Reader Installation Guide