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This page is intended to guide the user through the process of configuring 'Card' or serial mode on a Wascomat Crossover.

Programming Instructions

  • The Wascomat Crossover must be put into 'Card' (serial) mode in order to function correctly with CCI multivend (serial) hardware.
  • It is possible for a machine to have both service mode buttons listed in step 1. In this case, the service mode button within the coin vault takes precedence.
  • This page is provided by CCI as a courtesy. If the instructions prove to be inaccurate, please contact the product manufacturer for complete programming instructions.
  1. Press the service mode button in the coin vault (coin machines) or behind the card-reader mounting faceplate (card machines). The display goes blank.
  2. Press the “Heavy Soil” and “Extra Rinse” buttons simultaneously. This display shows “0 00” if the machine is in COIN mode or “1 00” if the machine is in CARD (serial communication) mode.
  3. Press the START button. The display flashes.
  4. Press the COLD program button to change the operating mode. The left-most digit changes 0 → 1 or 1 → 0, indicating the new mode (0 = COIN, 1 = CARD).
  5. Press the START button. The display stops flashing.
  6. Press the service mode button to exit the service mode.