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This page is intended to guide the user through the replacement of the button membrane on the F1 FasCard reader.

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Disconnect any electrical device from power before performing any work on the device. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or any damage that may occur to target equipment. Technical Support recommends using all appropriate safety equipment (such as hand and eye protection) during execution of the instructions below.

Required Hardware

Two versions of the touch pad replacement kit exist.  The installation of the button membrane is the same for both versions - the primary difference is in the design of the cover label.  

Type 1

This kit has been replaced by Type 2, below.  It is no longer available.

This kit includes a label to cover the screws on the FasCard reader.  The button membrane is pre-labeled.

Screw Cover
F1 Touch Pad (sub-assembly)
3-Button Membrane C-5051

Type 2

This kit includes a label that covers both the screws on the FasCard reader as well as the button membrane.  The button membrane is not pre-labeled.  The C-5052 label must be aligned correctly on top of the button membrane.

3-Button Membrane
F1 Domed Switch
Graphic Overlay
for C-5051 membrane

Recommended Tools

Phillips screwdriverRubbing Alcohol


Step 1 - Remove Reader Control Board

  1. Remove two screws mounted on each corner of the main card reader board, highlighted in Fig.1a.
  2. Tilt control board away from grey bezel, and lift it out.

Fig. 1aFig. 1bFig. 1c

Step 2 - Disconnect and Remove Existing Button Membrane

  1. Remove blue/silver stripe ribbon cable from wi-fi radio board, highlighted in Fig. 2a. Gently pull up on cable to remove.
  2. Remove the touch pad - the connected ribbon cable should slide out with the button membrane.
  3. Clean the touch pad and cover label surface with rubbing alcohol to remove all adhesive residue.

Fig. 2aFig. 2bFig. 2cFig. 2d

Step 3 - Install New Button Membrane

  1. Fold the touch pad ribbon cable up as shown below. 
  2. Peel off both protective backing pieces to expose the touch pad adhesive.
  3. Insert the folded end of the ribbon cable through the bezel opening. Make sure the fold is facing down so the "up arrow" is on the left and "enter dash" is on right.
    1. If the button membrane replacement is C-5051 type, installation is the same but the C-5052 label must be applied in the correct alignment.  See Fig. 3d and 3e, below.

Fig. 3aFig. 3bFig. 3cFig. 3dFig. 3e

Step 4 - Reconnect Touch Membrane to Control Board

  1. Connect ribbon cable back to wi-fi radio board, then put remaining components back together. (Refer to Step 2 if needed)
    1. If using the older C-5050 Button Membrane, apply the C-5021 screw cover label once the card reader is mounted on the associated machine.

Fig. 4a