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This page is intended to provide the user with a listing of the components that make up the F2 FasCard Reader and the associated mounting kits.

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The F2 FasCard reader consists of the same functional components but full component list varies based upon the mounting position.  For more information on reader mounting positions, refer to the F2 Reader Mounting Guide.

F2 Horizontal Mount 

Lower Housing
F2 Standard Mounting Bracket
F2 Top Housing w/ screen
Magtek + keeper assem VM
F2 Card Reader PCB

Item No.CCI Part NumberDescriptionQty.
1C-5415Subassembly containing LCD touchscreen and housing1
2C-5410Lower housing1
3C-5431Subassembly containing magnetic stripe reader and housing1
4C-6505F2 internal circuitboard1
5C-5411Foam Sealing Gasket1
6C-5414Sheet Metal Base1
7C-54168-32" x 3/8" Button Torx Screw2
#4 Stainless Steel 0.25"

F2 Vertical Mount

Coming Soon!

Additional Information