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This page is intended to guide the user through the multiple steps required to properly install and configure a FasCard F2 reader with a Stack Add-On expansion kit.

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Step 1 - Configure Equipment Type

  1. Login to the the FasCard Admin site and navigate to the Equipment Setup page.
  2. Create the appropriate equipment type. Refer to FasCard Admin Site - Equipment Setup for step by step instructions on creating an equipment type as well as field definitions.
    1. Ensure the Coin Input option is set correctly.
      1. Dual Separate indicates two coin drops that allow different denominations are being utilized.
      2. Dual Combined indicates that two coin drops accepting only the same denomination are being utilized.

Step 2 - Add Machine Details

  1. Navigate to the Machines page of the FasCard Admin site.
  2. Add a new machine. Refer to FasCard Admin Site - Machine Setup page for step by step instructions on adding a new machine as well as field definitions.
  3. Refer to the Stack Add-on configuration section of the FasCard Admin Site - Machine Setup for details or follow the instructions below.
    1. Select Add New on the Machines page.
    2. Select the equipment type from the Equipment Name dropdown menu.
    3. Enter the machine numbers for the stack in the Machine Number field in the following format: 101-102
    4. Check the Use Dual Pocket Control checkbox.
    5. The pairing should be automatically created using this method. Arrows indicate which machine numbers are paired.
      1. An arrow to the right of the machine number indicates the top pocket.
      2. An arrow to the left of the machine number indicates the bottom pocket.
    6. Pairing and pocket position may be edited by selecting the newly created machine. Pocket relationships will be adjusted automatically when changed on a paired machine.

Step 3 - Install the Stack Add-On Board

The Stack Add-On board comes in two configurations, one for Serial communication and one for Pulse machine starts. Both types install into the F2 FasCard reader identically.

  1. Insert the male connector (opposite side of the board from printed Card Concepts part number) into the serial connection port (#5 on image below) on the F2 reader.

Step 4 - Install and Address FasCard Reader

  1. Refer to the appropriate Kit Installation Guide for installation instructions specific to the kit provided by Card Concepts.
  2. Address the the card readers for the appropriate pocket position.