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The Server Management page is only accessible by users with Admin privileges.  This page allows the user to set general global settings that affect all locations, groups, and users for the system.

Server Management and System Options

The Server Management page displays a list of available system options as well as a list of all current account administrators. 

More information regarding account privileges (including Account Admins) can be found on the FasCard Admin Site - User Accounts page.

System Options

The System options page is where the user designates what the machine will accept as payment, which credit cards will display on the reader, as well as authorization amounts for credit cards.


Accepts Coins

When checked, all the readers will enable coins features.
Accepts Credit Cards for Adding ValueWhen checked, all readers will allow customers to use credit cards when adding value to their account.
Accepts Credit Cards for Machine StartsWhen checked, all readers will allow customers to use credit cards to start the machines
Accept Apple Pay*When checked, all readers will accept Apple Pay
Accept Android Pay*When checked, all readers will accept Android Pay
Allow LoyaltyWhen checked, all readers will allow loyalty program, accumulating points or redeeming points.
Enable Location GroupsWhen checked, enables Location Group features. See FasCard Admin Site - Location Groups for more information.
CCI SupportEnabling this check box grants CCI technical support access to system.  Without this option enabled, access is restricted to users granted "Website Privileges" on the User Accounts page.

Credit Cards

Service Type This field indicates the gateway service used by the FasCard account.

Authorization Mode

Authorization Mode - This option allows an owner to choose which type of Authorization to use for their system.

  1. Pre-Authorization Only – This is the default mode when the system is initially configured. When this mode is selected, the customer has a Pre-Authorization hold amount put on their credit card.  Once the customer has met the Pre-authorization hold amount (or once the designated idle time is reached), the card is charged (captured) for the amount used and remaining funds (if any) are released. See Authorization Hold Description for more information on this practice as well as FasCard Credit Transaction Processing for more information.
  2. Test and Trust – When this mode is selected, the customer's card is temporarily charged a pre-set amount of $0.29 to test that the card is valid. If the test is successful, the $0.29 is voided and the customer can now spend up to the designated Trust Amount (see below). If this "Trust" amount is not reached, then after the designated Idle Time the card is charged (captured) only for the amount they used. If the "Trust" amount is reached, or exceeded, then the customer is charged the $0.29 again, and if successful, can again spend up to the "Trust" amount in the next set of transactions. If the charge fails, FasCard will retry the capture at a lower amount. See FasCard Credit Transaction Processing for more details.

**Note** Does not apply to "Add Value" transactions using a credit card.

Auth/Hold Amount

This field indicates the pre-authorization hold amount that will be used when credit cards are processed in the "Pre-Authorization Only" mode (see above)

See Authorization Hold Description for more information on this practice as well as FasCard Credit Transaction Processing for more information.

Trust Amount

This field is only displayed when the "Test and Trust" Authorization mode is selected. This field is the maximum amount that the customer can spend in a set of transactions.

Max Daily Auth AmountThis field indicates the maximum amount that may be authorized per credit card per day.  This is set to $200.00 by default.  If this is set to $0.00, credit cards transactions will not process.
Offline Auth Amount 

This field indicates the maximum amount to permit a customer to charge with a credit card when the satellite is offline.  The satellite will attempt to charge the total amount of all customer transactions processed while offline - this depends upon availability of funds on the credit card and is subject to denial for standard reasons.  These are delayed authorization attempts that will only attempt to process when the satellite is online again. 

Utilizing the Offline Authorization feature by configuring the 'Offline Auth Amount' field to a non-zero amount is performed at the operator's discretion and risk. Card Concepts Inc. is not liable for charges that are declined or otherwise fail to process once satellite connectivity is restored.

Credit Surcharge/Discount

This field is where a surcharge or a discount amount can be set (by the Owner).

  • The Surcharge is an additional percentage amount that customers will be charged for using a credit card on machines.
  • The same field can be used to enter a negative percentage ( - ) to give a customer a discount for using credit cards.
  • Please note that this charge or discount will NOT show on the readers when customers use their credit card. Customers will only see the vending price of the machine. Please see the CCI website for more information on signage relevant to this surcharge at
Idle Time MinutesThis field indicates the amount of time that the system will wait after a card is last used before it reconciles the actual transaction amount for an individual credit card.
Time ZoneThis field indicates the time zone that will be indicated in the timestamp of individual credit card transactions.
Transaction Cut-Off TimeThis is the time that designates the end of one business day and the start of the next.  This should be set to match the time that is configured to use.  Typically this is configured by CCI support- this field should only be changed under the supervision of CCI support.
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It's important to keep in mind when configuring 'Idle Time Minutes' that transactions that are captured after the 'Transaction Cut-Off Time' will be not be picked up by the gateway provider ( until the next business day.

Account Admins

This section of the page lists the name and email address of all of the admin users that are configured for the system.  These users have full access to the system.  As a best practice for secure systems, it is recommended to keep this list to a minimum to prevent unauthorized changes to the system.

Additional Information