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The Settings page gives users the ability to view their FasCard account settings as well as make changes to their personal  and password information.

On this Page

My Settings

The Settings page allows the user to make adjustments to personal information, change their user password, and view the latest FasCard related news.

Active User Settings Page


Account Info.

  • Displays helpful information like user name, privileges, card number associated with user and any amount on the loyalty card.

Personal Details

  • Displays personal info details like email address, name, title and phone number.
  • All of the fields in this section can be edited by the active user.
  • Email Address - This is the email address associated with the active user.  Changing this field also changes the Username.
  • Your Name - This field indicates the full name of the active user.
  • Your Title - This field indicates the title of the active user.
  • Phone Number - This field indicates the phone number of the active user.


  • This section features a listing of all the latest news from CCI and the FasCard system.

Change Your Password

This section allows the current user to change their password.  Follow the steps below to effect a password change.

  1. Current Password - Enter the current password in this field.
  2. New Password - Enter the desired new password in this field.
  3. Confirm New Password - Re-enter the password from the previous field here.
  4. Click Change My Password.
  5. The 'Password changed successfully.' message will display to indicate success.

For security reasons passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters that must include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.