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This page offers suggested practices and configurations to improve the end-user experience when using the FasCard system through the loyalty app.

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FasCard Administrator Best Practices

The FasCard Loyalty App incorporates a number of features that rely on the configuration entered into the FasCard Admin site.  In order to provide the greatest ease of use for laundry customers, operators and FasCard administrators are advised to take the following recommendations into account when configuring settings on the FasCard Admin site.


The following details entered on the FasCard Admin site Locations page will be shown on the Loyalty App.



  1. Name

    This name will appear in the list of locations a user's loyalty account is linked to. The location name should be recognizable for customers and allow easy recognition for users for which location they are using. 

    Examples and Recommendations:

    1. A laundromat may use the same name as the displayed on the business's signage. If the business has multiple locations, add a city name, or street name for further identification.

      1. Smart Wash

      2. Smart Wash - Niles

      3. Smart Wash - Golf Rd

    2. An apartment complex may use the name of the complex and, if applicable, the building name/number and floor.

      1. Oak Park Apartments - B1 / F2

      2. Oak Park Apartments - Main Office

  2. Address

    The address is displayed below the name, along with the location on a local map.

  3. Phone
    The phone number entered here should be a business contact number for customer usage. When a phone number is entered into this field a phone icon will be displayed in the Loyalty app that will pull up the default phone program/app on the device and enter the phone number for the user.

Equipment Types

The following details entered on the FasCard Admin site Equipment Types page will be shown on the Loyalty App.



  1. Name

    The name of the equipment should be descriptive to the customer to what the machine is (eg. 20lb washer, 20lb Dexter washer, 30lb dryer.).

  2. Send cycle complete emails
    To enable users the ability to receive emails when the cycle on the machines are nearing completion, this option needs to be enabled.

  3. SingleVend - Equipment Class

    If the control type for the equipment type is SingleVend, the equipment class will need to be set for the machine. Only when set as a washer or dryer will it appear on the loyalty site and mobile app.


The following details entered on the FasCard Admin site Machines page will be shown on the Loyalty App.

  1. Machine label

    The label of the machine should be descriptive in a way that a customer can identify the machine at the location. If only a number is entered into the field, a number symbol will automatically be added on the loyalty site and mobile app. Applying corresponding labels on the physical machines to identify each machine is suggested.

  2. Equipment Name

    The Equipment name is set in the Equipment Type menu, and should be named in a way that is descriptive to the customer as to explain what the machine is.

Loyalty Settings

The following details entered on the FasCard admin site Loyalty Settings page will be shown on the Loyalty App.

  1. Add Value Packages

    In order for users to add value to their loyalty account through mobile app 'Add Value Packages' must be configured.  These 'Add Value Packages' will also appear on the individual card readers for users to select in the location.

Additional Information