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The Activity page allows the Loyalty site user to review their transaction history.  User activity is filtered by date and location and can be expanded to show individual transactions.

On this Page

Account Activity Details

The Activity page displays expanding headers indicating the location and date of account transactions.  Clicking these expanding headers will reveal a list of individual transactions for the date and location chosen.  Each individual transaction will display the transaction type, transaction time, and the amount added to or subtracted from the user account.  

  • The 'Credit Available' section of the Activity report indicates the account balance remaining after all transactions have been completed for a given date.
  • Value added through the Add Value page displays the listed location as 'Internet'.

Transaction Types

The transaction types listed on the Activity page are shown in the table below with a description of the transaction that causes it to be displayed.

Transaction Displayed in ActivityTransaction Description
Added value via internetThis indicates that value was added to the Loyalty account using the Loyalty site.
Added value at machine xThis indicates that value was added at a machine card reader using a credit card.
Admin adjustmentThis indicates that the customer account balance was manually changed by an employee.
Applied coupon xThis indicates that a promotional coupon was applied to the Loyalty account and notes the type of bonus provided by the coupon.
Cleared expired free driesThis indicates that any unused free dry credits at a location have expired for the given date.
Earned Loyalty bonus awardThis indicates that an extra bonus value was added to the Loyalty account through purchase of an Add Value package or other Loyalty program.
Gave cash to employeeThis indicates a transaction was performed using the FasCard Admin site by an employee on behalf of the customer.
Merged accountsThis indicates that a Loyalty account with an existing balance was merged with another existing account.
Started machine xThis indicates that a machine was started using a Loyalty account.
POSThis indicates that an external "Point of Sale" transaction took place, for example at a cash register.


Clicking any of the icons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page will redirect the user to another page within the Loyalty site.

  • This icon will navigate to the Active Machines page, allowing the user to check the status of any machines started using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Quick Start page, allowing the user to activate a machine using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Settings page, allowing users to make a variety of changes to their Loyalty account.