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The Rewards page allows the Loyalty user to view their rewards history, discount status, and Loyalty Point total.

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Loyalty Rewards

The Rewards page displays the history of any awarded bonuses as well as any accrued Loyalty Points (described in FasCard Admin Site - Loyalty Settings) or discounts.  Rewards displayed include any bonus or benefit added with a brief description of the reason for the reward.  Any numerical discount applied to the Loyalty user's account indicates a reduction in price by the indicated percentage on all equipment configured to allow discounts.

  • The top of the page displays the same balance and machine availability that is displayed on the Location Details page.
  • Current Loyalty Point totals (if enabled) are displayed with the remaining point total required to receive the listed bonus.  


Clicking any of the icons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page will redirect the user to another page within the Loyalty site.


  • This icon will navigate to the Active Machines page, allowing the user to check the status of any machines started using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Quick Start page, allowing the user to activate a machine using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Settings page, allowing users to make a variety of changes to their Loyalty account.