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27 February 2018

FasCard has been updated to Release 16.  The full release notes are available here: FasCard System Updates.  


Clone Equipment Types

Equipment Types can now be cloned.  This will be particularly useful for operators who run the same equipment/configuration at multiple locations and want different pricing set at those locations. It may also come in handy when needing to isolate a small batch of machines and configure them with minor changes for testing and troubleshooting.

New Coupon Options

Operators received a couple of new coupon options. Now coupons can be applied automatically to new loyalty accounts and/or the option of only allowing a coupon to be used with new loyalty accounts.

Dual Coin Input Support

Multiple coin inputs are now supported on the F2 reader.

  • Equipment Setup  - There are new configuration options for configuring the Coin Input type, Coin #1 Value, and Coin #2 Value..  Please review FasCard Admin Site - Equipment Setup if needed.
  • Reports  - The Coin/Cash Totals report has been updated to account for dual inputs, allowing a single reader to track the capacity of two pockets.  Additionally, the Collections report has been updated to show denominations (useful if an operator is using an F2 reader with dual drops to use different denomination drops, e.g. $.25 and $1.00).

Dual Pocket (Stack Add-On) Support

While the hardware and reader firmware are not yet ready, the Admin Site has been updated to allow configuring a single reader for two pockets (controls).

  • Machines - The machines page has been update with provision for the upcoming Stack Add-on option.  This option will allow one reader to control both the top and bottom dryer in a stack.  To that end, a checkbox has been added to enable Dual Pocket control when adding a new machine.  If checked, this will require that the user configure a machine pairing.  Once paired, arrows on the machine display list and system maintenance page will indicate that a machine is paired.

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