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Dear FasCard Customers,

In it's third release of 2019, the FasCard System has been updated with new features, improvements and other fixes.  They're outlined below.

New Features and Improvements

NFC Functionality/Credit Card Transactions

  1. All FasCard F2 Readers can now accept NFC transactions (Near Field Communication).  There are a few steps that need to be completed on your FasCard Admin account before you can begin to take payments through NFC.  They're outlined below:
    1. You must contact CCI to change your FasCard Admin account gateway from to Bridgepay.  Call CCI Support at (630) 930-5115 or email at
    2. You must have a merchant under Bridgepay that is NFC compatible. 
    3. After the above processes are completed, CCI support must install updated firmware on your F2 card readers and activate the new service.


  1. There's a new report field on Open Credit Card Status and Credit Card Captures reports named "Entry Method".  This is going to capture in which method a credit card transaction occurred.  The method could be a swipe (Mag Stripe), In-App Apple Pay, or NFC.  Click here for a description of this new field.

Machine Pricing

  1. F2 card readers can now be configured to auto-start once customers swipe their Loyalty Card with sufficient funds, this option bypasses the loyalty menu.
  2. The FasCard System will now support $0.00 pricing.  Any machine can be configured at $0 cost, free to the customer.  Click here to access information on how to configure your machine pricing.

Add Value Kiosk and F2 Readers

  1. The Add-Value Kiosk can now be fitted with the F2 Reader.  The reader must have the latest firmware uploaded to work properly.  Click here to follow the instructions on how to install your F2 Reader on the Add-Value Kiosk.


  1. F2 Reader LED lights now blink RED when disabled.  This is more noticeable than no lights displayed when a reader down.  Click F2: FasCard Touchscreen Reader to see a description of the F2 LED Lights.
  2. Fixed an issue where a customers loyalty account could be active on multiple readers at the same time
  3. Fixed issue, when work schedule was created as a series, one scheduled even was deleted, the times on the rest of the events in that series would change.
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