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Dear FasCard Customers,

In its fourth release of 2019, the FasCard System has been updated with new features, improvements and other fixes.  They're outlined below.

New Features and Improvements


  1. Locations listing in Alphabetical Order - Locations listed under the FasCard Accounts Loyalty Tab will now default to alphabetical order.
  2. Store Branding - You can now upload a store logo for each location in the FasCard Admin Site.  These logos will appear on the location details screen in the mobile app.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS FUNCTIONALITY IS AVAILABLE ON THE ADMIN SITE TO UPLOAD LOGOS, BUT THE LOGOS UPLOADED WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE LOCATIONS LISTED IN THE MOBILE APP UNTIL A FUTURE MOBILE RELEASE TAKES PLACE - DATE TO BE DETERMINED.    Click this link to learn more about creating a logo for your locations:  FasCard Admin Site - Location Setup.


  1. Credit Card transactions Report - The individual credit card numbers will now be listed in chronological order.
  2. Credit Card Status Report - The report will display the newest records at the top.
  3. Employee Work Schedule Report - This report will now include the reader number where an employee has clocked in or out.  See FasCard Admin Site - Reports for more information.


  1. New POS User Type - In order for a FasCard System to integrate with a POS (Point of Sale) system, a special POS user must be created.  Click FasCard Admin Site - User Accounts to learn more about this feature.
  2. Employee Loyalty Activity - You can now view an employee's Loyalty activity through their User account details.


The below section is not available to FasCard customers.

FasCard Admin Granular Permissions

The FasCard System currently has an Administrator function which allows CCI staff to access ALL FasCard Accounts and the information within each account with log-in credentials.

  1. Granular privileges have been created for more restrictive access.  Each System Admin User type has it's own privileges and further details can be viewed on this page: FasCard System Admin - Admin Tab
  2. The Users created may only have the following email extensions:
  3. Each time an Admin User is created, edited, or deleted, a notification email is sent to  The email notification will contain the following details:
    • Date/Time of event
    • User who performed the modification
    • User who was modified
      • RecID
      • Name (original if changed)
      • Email (original if changed)
    • User Type / Privileges granted (original if changed)


Weekly auto-reload day/time

  1. On the Loyalty Accounts page when setting/updating the Weekly auto-reload day/time, the current date was unintentionally being used as the reload day of week.  For example if today was Monday, it will be used as the reload day of week even though the drop down is selected as Sunday.  This is now fixed.


  1. When paying with a combination of coin and loyalty, or coin loyalty and credit. The loyalty balance charged is recorded incorrectly in the machine activity report, but correctly in the loyalty account activity report.  This is now fixed.

Epic Jira

FCAS-1187 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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