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In the first FasCard release of 2020, the FasCard System has been updated with new features, improvements and other fixes.  They're outlined below.

New Features

  • Added "Remember Me" logic to new user registration sequence so that when a user registers, selects this option, their login information will be pre-filled upon logging into the Mobile App.


  • Now Store owners can apply a credit card surcharge to add-value, vend, both, or no transactions.  There is a new "Surcharge" mode on the Server Management screen to allow Store Owners to apply the surcharge to only vending transactions, add-value transactions, both, or none.  See here for more details on how to apply this feature to your store.
  • Loyalty Users can now enter international addresses on the FasCard Mobile App.
  • Store Owners can now apply a spending requirement amount to be met before awarding a bonus coupon.  Click here to learn more on how to set this up in the FasCard Admin site.  Loyalty users will see a message if they met the spending requirement to receive the coupon as well as one if they did not meet the spending requirement.

Bug Fixes

Mobile App

  • Previously, the FasCard mobile app would not load due to phone settings being configured for another language other than English or Spanish.  For example, when a phone language is set to Japanese, or some other language, the mobile app will not load and only 3 blinking dots would appear.  This has been fixed.
  • The labels on the buttons were cut off at the bottom of the screen.  This has been fixed.
  • The "Remember Me" option, if checked, was not functioning and when user would click the web browser back button, would be logged out. This has been fixed.  If the user clicks the web browser back button, and has selected the "Remember Me" option previously on log-in, they will be directed to the locations page.
  • Other additional bug fixes have been resolved.

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