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This document will walk you through how to inspect the FasCard Touch Kiosk Card Dispenser to ensure it remains in full working order. 

Table of Contents

Roller Inspection

Inspect the rollers for damage and wear

New RollersWorn Rollers

  • If the clutch rollers appear to be worn they will need to be replaced.  To order new rollers or for instructions on replacing the rollers please contact Asahi Seiko at 1(800) 859-5353
  • If the clutch roller does not require replacing, it should be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol or a mild detergent and a lint free cloth.
  • The roller should be rotated by hand, ensuring that all of the surface which makes contact with the card is clean.

Checking Belt Tension

It is critical for the correct operation of the unit, that the two main drivebelts are correctly adjusted.

  • Inspect drive belts for damage or wear. 
  • If any of the ‘teeth’ are worn or rounded, the belt should be replaced.
  • Verify the orange belts are not loose enough to fall off.

Check Position Sensors

  1. Ensure the 3 black position sensors are clean. 
    1. To clean, wipe with a lint free cloth and spray with can of compressed air. 

  2. Ensure the 3 white sensor connectors are plugged in and fully seated. 

Middle Carriage Inspection

Only perform Middle Carriage Inspection if you are having issues with cards jamming. 

  1. Open the middle carriage
    1. Unscrew the 4 small screws on the top of the middle carriage plate. 
  2. Inspect the plastic tabs underneath the middle metal carriage.  
    1. Plastic Tabs should be intact (View examples below)
Plastic Tabs Intact (tick)Plastic Tabs Broken (error)

If tabs are broken, please contact CCI Technical support at 866-860-1660