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This guide will guide you through the basics of installing the C-6204 ACA power harness for FasCard F1 and F2 readers.
Table of Contents

C-6204 Harness Connections
(a.) 12vDC Power Connector(b.) Chassis Ground(c.) FasCard Power Connector

Installing the C-6204 ACA Power Harness

    1. Locate the H10 connection on the ACA control board. 
      Example of an ACA control board. Position of the H10 connector may differ based on form factor.

    2. Plug in the (a.) 12vDC Harness Connector into the H10 connection.

    3. Locate a nearby Chassis Ground Screw. Connect the (b.) Ground Harness Connector to the Chassis Ground Screw.

    4. Run the (c.) FasCard Power Connector to the FasCard reader mount.

      Routing the Harness

      This may differ between ACA models. Please be sure to route around any potential components that may damage the harness.
    5. Connect the (c.) FasCard Power Connector to the Power Harness Connection Port.
      F1 power harness connectorF2 power harness connector

Tips & Warnings

  • Harness is designed only to be used with the 12vDC accessory connection (H10) found on Alliance ACA control board. Do not connect to any other connections, or modify harness to connect to an alternate power source.
  • Harness can be used to power F1 and F2 readers.