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FasCard is compatible with many different makes and model vending machines, as long as the host vending machine is MDB Level 1 compliant.


Vendrite 360Vision Vendor

Model Numbers

  • VendMaster 360 Debit Card Soap Vendor
  • VendMaster 240 Debit Card Soap Vendor
  • All Vision glass front vendors
Automatic Products
  • 131 Premier Snack Vendor - MDB
  • 132 Premier Snack Vendor - MDB
  • 133 Premier Snack Vendor - MDB
  • Studio 2 Glassfront Merchandiser
  • Studio 3 Glassfront Merchandiser
  • Studio 4 Glassfront Merchandiser
  • Studio 5 Glassfront Merchandiser
  • Mercato M3000
  • Mercato M4000
  • Mercato M5000
  • Alpine ST3000
  • Alpine ST5000
Dixie Narco
  • E-Series DN 276E Beverage Vendor
  • E-Series DN 501E Beverage Vendor
  • E-Series DN 600E Beverage Vendor

Special Notes

  • There are 4 different levels of MDB Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Be cautious when choosing a vending machine as FasCard is only compatible with MDB Level 1, if a machine states that it is Level 2 compatible it does not mean that it is also Level 1, be specific with your distributor and request confirmation that the machine is MDB Level 1 compliant.
  • The prices for items in a vending machine are not controlled by FasCard, in this integration the vending machine keeps and controls all pricing and reports the amount to FasCard for approval.


The following list describes the functionality that CCI FasCard reader has with control...

  • Cycle based pricing
    • Pricing is configured and set on the host machine, FasCard will approve or deny based on the price and selection that the user made.

Screen Shots

Cycle Configuration Interface - Equipment Setup

Additional Resources

Vendrite 360 Owners Manual

FasCard Reader Installation Guide