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This page is a troubleshooting guide for SAP (Satellite Access Point) issues.

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If the satellite is offline, card readers cannot accept credit cards but equipment can still be operated by coin. In case of such an outage, the satellite retains the balance of the 5,000 most recently used loyalty accounts. Once the satellite comes back online it will sync with the readers and reflect the transactions.  

Quick Reference For Diagnosing System Outage

If  you are unable accept credit cards or loyalty cards, two possible problems may exist.  An icon will appear in the top right hand corner of the display on the reader to indicate the nature of the outage.

Symptom:  Internet Down Icon Appears on FasCard Readers

This icon indicates that the satellite is unable to connect to the internet, preventing credit card processing.

Solution: Reboot all internet devices 

Disconnect power from modem, router(s) and the satellite access point. The satellite has two possible sources - Power over Ethernet or AC Adapter (do not use both sources types of power source).  

Fig. 1a - PoE Adapter, Top View  Fig. 1b - PoE Adapter, Side View  Fig. 1c - Satellite Access Point, Rear View

  1. Reconnect power to modem first and wait 2-5 minutes for it to come back online completely.

  2. Reconnect power to personal network devices (router/switch) and wait for them to come back online completely.

  3. Reconnect power to satellite and wait 60 seconds for it to come back online completely. The satellite will beep once then after approximately 30 seconds it will beep twice more.

  4. If the card readers still do not come back online, attempt to reach to reach an outside website (perform a new Google search to prevent appearance of cached pages).  

    Note that while using a cell phone or other wireless device that utilizes a 4G/LTE connection it is possible to connect to a wireless network and still connect to the internet using cellular service if the store internet is down.  It is for this reason that the recommended method for verifying store internet requires a laptop or other computer that does not use a cellular service for internet connectivity.  

Symptom:  Wireless Alert icon Appears on FasCard Readers

This icon indicates that the card readers are not communicating to the satellite itself and is not dependent upon an active internet connection.  

Solution 1:  Reboot FasCard reader

If one card reader is displaying the Wireless Alert icon, power cycle the reader.  This may require a power cycle of the machine to accomplish, depending upon installation.  If issue persists or if multiple card readers are displaying the Wireless Alert icon, proceed to Solution 2, below.

Solution 2:  Reboot Satellite

  1. Disconnect PoE adapter (shown above, Fig. 1a)  from the wall for 30 seconds, then reconnect. Check card readers again after 3-5 minutes.

  2. If issue persists, reboot all internet devices as shown here.

  3. If issue still persists, contact CCI for further troubleshooting support.