This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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When a customer or owner dispenses a new customer card, the customer can insert the card and view their account.


In some cases, customers can use their LaundryCard at other store locations. However, customers must confirm these locations with the Store Owner.

Customer's Main Menu

Selecting "More Details" will show a breakdown of the money on the customer's card including the actual value available to use, as well as any deposit (upper right corner) and bonus amount.

See the chart below of field descriptions as well as links to each tab of the Customer's Account.

Account OverviewDisplays customer's available card balance
More DetailsDisplays breakdown of customer's available balance and bonus, if any exists
Card ActivityDisplays all of the card activity that occurred on the customer card

User Registration

Customer can register their name, address, phone, email and birthday to the card
Available PrizesThis tab will appear if the Store Owner has set up prizes for their customers
Enter CouponThis tab will appear when the Store Owner offers a coupon. The customer enters a coupon code here.
Credit/DebitIf available, customers can add value with their credit/debit card
Add ValueClick to Add Value
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