This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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The Equipment Setup screen allows user to configure setup details of installed equipment including pricing, pulse length, configurations, MLV settings, Time of Day Pricing, and Free Dry.  Changes made to settings here will automatically be updated in the store within one minute of saving.  Follow the below instructions to make changes to the equipment.


How to Access Equipment Setup

To access this function, your specific Card ID (The 12-digit number on the back of the card) must have EQUIPMENT SETUP selected under SYSTEM SETUP in permission settings.  Please see your store Owner/Manager to update your permission settings.  See Permission Settings and Functions for more information on how to set permissions.

  1. Insert your card.
  2. Select System Setup.
  3. Select Equipment Setup.
  4. A list of equipment types installed in this store appears.  (This equipment is usually set up during the onsite installation process.) 
  5. Click on the machine name to access the Equipment Detail screen and edit the prices and configuration.

Equipment Detail

The equipment detail screen allows editing of the various fields.  See the chart below for a description of each field.

Equipment TypeThis field tells which group type the machine being setup is. This field is customizable.
Free Dry Awards 

This is the number of free dry starts bonuses to the customer for using this type of machine. (The dry time still depends on the dryer's built-in timer.)

Employee cards such as Attendants do not accumulate free dry awards.

Base PriceThis is the normal cost to use this type of equipment. These prices can be adjusted to the penny. (Note that you can also create special 'time of day pricing.' See below for instructions.)
Start Hours This is the time each day that this type of equipment will be available for use, normally when your store opens for the day.
Stop HoursThis is the time each day that this type of equipment will be disabled for use, normally when your store closes each day, once this time is reached the equipment will no longer be available until the following start time.
Bonus AllowedChecking this box will determine whether or not bonuses can be used on this type of machine. (For example, you may choose not to have bonuses apply to soap vending machines.)
Discount Allowed Checking this box will determine whether or not discounts can be used on this type of machine (i.e., soap vendors or other vending equipment)
Cycle TimeThis is the time (in seconds) of how long this type of equipment takes for a complete cycle of service. If a card reader has time left in its cycle, it will not accept another card. Note that this is only a timer within the computer system; it does not start or stop a machine. On dryers, you may want to set the cycle time to 0. This allows customers to use their card multiple times in a row if they know it will take longer than one cycle to dry their clothes.
Default PricingThe price that displays when other specialized pricing is no longer available, like Time of Day pricing
Schedule 1 and 2 PricingTime of day pricing lets you offer special prices at certain times. If you find that machine use is slow on a certain night of the week, for instance, offer reduced prices to increase traffic at that time.
Pulse LengthThe card readers on a particular type of machine communicate with the machine itself using the pulse length. This field may need to be adjusted after initial setup to find a suitable length for the communication between card reader and the laundry machine.

This option is only used when initially setting up equipment, it allows compatible equipment to allow the reader to 'sense' whether the door is closed. Do not change this option once your system's integrator has set up your store.

Additional PricingSome brands of equipment support cycle based pricing allowing you to configure different prices depending on which cycle the customer chooses. This is an optional component that requires special configuration from your CCI Distributor.
SetupSome brands of equipment support cycle configurations allowing you to adjust specific elements of the wash or dry cycle. This is an optional component that requires special configuration from your CCI Distributor. There are two (2) special price schedules that can be set for each type of equipment and for each day of the week. Enter the start and stop times and the special price. During these times the system overrides the 'normal' price (entered at the top of this screen). You may also clear all of the pricing schemes by clicking on the clear button

Multi Level Vending

Some equipment support serial communication, which is also known as MLV or Multi Level Vending.  If the equipment type supports this type of activity with the system, extra pricing and/or setup fields will be available for configuration.  For more information regarding a specific MLV type, refer to the guide for MLV functionality guide for the specific type.  If the equipment type does not support MLV, then there will be only one Vend price field. This is also known as 'Pulse' mode.

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