This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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In order to improve line issue resolution the LinePositionIndex has been added to the Additional Machine Information page to easily tell the position of each reader on every line in the store. 

To add every reader to this index, follow the instructions below. This must be done for every machine in the store for proper accuracy.

Add Readers to the LnPosIdx column in Additional Machine Info Page

  1. Log into the location either through or locally
  2. Navigate to System Setup > Additional Machine Info
  3. Click on the EDIT and enter the position number that corresponds with the reader. 

4. Click SAVE

5. Repeat for all remaining readers on the line.

Line Position numbers start from the first line reader on XA. In the example below, Reader 16 will be LnPosIdx number 1 and reader 16 will be LnPosIdx 1. This is repeated for each Homerun line in the location.

Each homerun line LnPosIdx starts at 1 and repeats.

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