This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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The Managers can also be refereed to as the Owners card and is the highest security level of all of the system cards.  The functions that this card provides will allow owners and managers to automate and manage the store.  Almost all of the functions available to the Manager are also available remotely via a secure VPN connection.  Internet is the most popular method of connecting to the system, and dial up is also supported.  For more information on how to connect to your system remotely, review the appropriate documentation here.  All of the functions that are available to the other users of this system can also be accessed through the Mangers menus.  Refer to the guides for Customer Card Functions, Technicians, Attendants, and Collectors.


Get a New Managers Card

A Setup Managers card is shipped with every new system and this card has the ability to dispense other manger cards.

Insert card to access the Manager log in screen.  The Manager's card can work in tandem with a PIN number for more security.  More information on how to set up PIN number is available in the Card Details section.  Be certain to remove the manager's card to return the X-changer to the welcome screen when you have completed your work.

From this menu the user can access all of the default Technician, Attendant, and Collector functions.  This prevents a manager or owner from having to carry multiple cards.

Once a new store has opened and new Manager Cards have been dispensed, it is highly recommended that you disable the Setup Mangers Card!

Manager Default Permission Settings



Dispense Cards




Recover A Card

Refund Card


Assign From Escrow


My Activity - Owner/Manager/Employee View

Verify Credit Card

System Setup

General Info

Equipment Setup

Screen Messages

Technician Solutions

Machine Information

Additional Machine Information

Configuration (Equipment/Machine Setup)

License Key


Schedule Task Setup

Pending Tasks

Work Schedule

Hours Editor


Wash To Win Setup


Redeem Prize

Prize Packages Setup


Screen Reset

System Error Messages

Equipment Status

Bill Acceptor Power Cycle

Customer Error Log

Restart System

Clear All Transactions

Store Status


Collect Procedure



The card permissions for a Manager is shown below.

When the Owner/Manager inserts their card, the upper section of their main menu will display any employees that are currently Clocked in and their clock in time.  If a name is registered with the card then the name will appear.  If not, then just the card number will appear.  Clicking on the name or card number will bring you to the Card Details screen.

Based on the default permission settings for the Manager, their welcome screen menu will show the following:

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