This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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This document lists the revisions to LaundryCard software.


v9.1.0 (October 16, 2020)

  • Adds ability to charge a service fee for credit card transactions.
  • Adds ability to override the timeout on the customer registration screen.
  • Fixes issue where the Bonus Redemption Rate is set to 0% when saving on the General Info screen.
  • Fixes issue where custom card artwork is not displayed on the customer account info screen.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvement.

v9.0.9 (May 27, 2020)

  • Fixed issue where Coupon Programs could be created without an end date and then were no longer editable.
  • Fixed issue with default configuration for Alliance ACA H7S TLW A1 and FLW A1 equipment that would cause cycle to stop shortly after it started.
  • Added support for Alliance ACA H7S Washer Extractor - Galaxy 500 (A20).
  • Added monitoring for low disk space.
  • Added monitoring for database disk backup failures.
  • Added additional configuration settings for Wascomat/Electrolux Compass Pro washers.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v9.0.8 (March 26, 2020)

  • Fixed issue with credit card amount not clearing when pressing the Clear button while using the Classic interface.
  • Fixed issue with images for accepted credit card types not appearing when using Ingenico credit card device.
  • Fixed issue with Alliance ACA H7S Top-Load Washer MDC II (A1) configuration
  • Fixed issue where snapshot reports generated on Feb 28th of a leap year do not show in Monthly report.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally the X-Changer is stuck on "Follow instructions on card reader" when using Ingenico credit card device.
  • Adds scroll buttons to Reports Menu drop-down when viewed remotely.
  • Adds support for LG Titan Pro Washers.
  • Adds support for Alliance ACA H7S Washer Extractor Quantum+ (A44).
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v9.0.7 (January 20, 2020)

  • Fixed issue when performing collections using card numbers starting with 0.
  • Fixed issue with detecting the barcode scanner model on the Store Status screen.
  • Fixed issue when clicking "Done" on the main management screen during a remote session via VPN or LaundryCard Live.
  • Additional bug fixes.

v9.0.6 (January 7, 2020)

  • Internal release.

v9.0.5 (December 13, 2019)

  • On the Reports screen, the 3 most recently accessed reports are shown at the top of the list.
  • If a credit card type (Amex, Visa, etc) is not accepted, a descriptive error is now shown to the user.
  • Partial credit card authorizations now authorize only the amount available on the credit card.
  • Fixed issue where generic cards starting with "999..." would not transfer at multi-store enabled locations.
  • Fixed issue where free dries were clearing off cards when the "Free Dry Limit" feature was disabled.
  • Additional bug fixes/improvements.

v9.0.4 (August 21, 2019)

  • The style of the "Issues that Require" attention panel has been updated to be more noticeable.
  • Added support for 3 and 4 X-Changer stores.
  • Improved performance of the Totals History Report. Should now generate much faster.
  • Fixed "ExportData.txt: Error copying files to backup" error.
  • Fixed "SeaPort Monitoring.txt: Maximum Rescan Attempts Reached" error that would occasionally occur on systems using IDT credit card swipes.
  • Disabled support for partial credit card payments. If a credit card does not have enough funds for the total charge amount, the transaction will be declined.
  • Fixed issue where the "W2W Bonus Money" was not displayed in the details pane on the customer's account overview.
  • Fixed issue where the reports menu dropdown would not scroll smoothly on iOS devices.
  • Additional bug fixes/improvements.

v9.0.3 (June 13, 2019)

  • Improved database synchronization time for large databases.
  • Fixed issue with temperature values on Alliance Centurion dryer configuration screen.
  • Fixed issue where reader indefinitely displays "Updating Machine Config" on a newly added Alliance Quantum Gold Small Dryer.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally X-Changer gets stuck on "Processing" when using a credit card and the system is configured for Authorize.Net.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally reader/machine price does not update after setting a new price.
  • Additional bug fixes/improvements.

v9.0.2 (May 8, 2019)

  • Added serial integration support for large chassis Alliance Midas Washer-Extractor and Tumbler-Dryer equipment.
  • Fixed issue where management screen was accessible through LaundryCard Live if the manager card had a PIN set.
  • Fixed issue where screen prompts indicated to insert and remove card even when the system was configured to require the card to remain in the reader.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally the Store Status screen would display an error and not load.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally the Equipment Details screen would display an error and not load.
  • Fixed issue where Equipment Details screen would not save when accessed through LaundryCard Live.
  • Fixed issue where custom screen message was not shown after customer added value via credit card and chose to print a receipt.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v9.0.1 (April 8, 2019)

  • Added serial integration support for large chassis Alliance Midas Washer-Extractor and Tumbler-Dryer equipment.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v9.0.0 (April 3, 2019)

  • TODO