This space contains information specific to the current v9 version of LaundryCard

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This page will describe how LaundryCard customers can start a machine.


Starting a Machine

The card reader will display the current vend price of a machine. 

  1. Insert your card into the card reader on the machine, and then when prompted, remove it. 
  2. The machine will start if there are sufficient funds on the card.

    Some machines require the 'Start' button to be pressed after the card reader has approved the transaction.

  3. The card reader shows you how much is left on your card and how long this machine will be busy.

Multi-Vend capable machines

  • The cycle time is displayed on the machine, the card reader will display 'Machine in Use'
  • The vend price is displayed on the machine, except for Wascomat & Electrolux machines

For a complete list of Multi-Vend compatible machines see Equipment Serial Integration Support

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