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As of January 1st 2017, Card Concepts will no longer be supporting any LaundryCard version prior to version 7.

Existing v5 and v6 customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade their systems to the latest version. More information regarding support and upgrade options can be found here: Version 9 Upgrade Details.


  1. Is this the correct LC home page or is

    When clicking 'laundrycard documentation home' on our main confluence page it leads to this. 

    Installation guides on this page are still V8 installation guides. 

    Do the V9 docs need to be moved into this space?

    1. Hi, Alexis Cornelio , currently it is, yes.  V9 was given it's own space with the intention of revisiting the idea to make the V9 page the default home page as the latest version of LC, with the option to allow users to choose previous versions to see any related documents.  Much like this page from Atlassian:  In the top right corner, if clicking on server-you can see a list of prior versions.  We have not revisited this idea yet. 

      If there's an issue in locating the V9 install documents, perhaps we can list links to them under the V9 User Guide until we revisit the LC Landing page changes.