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NOTE: Users with Apple iOS 10 and macOS Sierra devices require the latest CCI hardware to establish a VPN connection for remote location management. More information on the required hardware and customer options may be found here: LaundryCard VPN with Apple iOS10 / macOS Sierra.

Table of Contents

Here you will find guides on how to connect to LaundryCard from various remote machines and devices.

Remote Management


  • VPN Username and Password (Issued by CCI)
  • Your laundromat's Static IP address
  • A High speed internet connection

Requesting VPN Access

For security purposes requests must be sent from the email of the laundromat owner.

To connect to your store remotely, CCI must first create a user account. Please provide the following information for ALL users that require access:

  • Full first and last name
  • Job title/role
  • Email address

Setting up a VPN

Access the System

  1. Once you are connected to the VPN, open up your preferred internet browser and go to to access the system.
  2. You should now see the Manager Options page just as you would if you were at the store.
  3. When finished make sure to disconnect the VPN.
  4. OPTIONAL: Bookmark the page for quick access once connected to the VPN.