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The report menu provides access to all available reports.  The Reports are listed in alphabetical order. 


Table of Contents


Once a user accesses a report, it will appear at the top of the report list under a section labeled "Recently Reviewed" like in the screen shot below.

Accessing the Reports

  1. Insert card
  2. Select Reports.
  3. To Select a report, click the down arrow and you'll see a list of reports to choose from.
  4. The Bonus totals report that was selected shows below.

Reports and Descriptions

Report Name


Screen Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Attendant Duties

Is a list of all of the completed & uncompleted tasks that the attendants been assigned. This report details the specific date/time, task description, Status, as well as who completed the task. Likewise if a task is not completed it will show the attendant that was on the clock who did not complete the task. This report is helpful in determining if the tasks you schedule are getting completed on time

Average Totals

The Average Totals report displays the average dollar amount used on the various types of machines in a location, along with a store total. The average is based on a date range the manager inputs in the area next to "Transactions between". This is an effective tool for finding the busy machines in the store, which could be used for applying incentives for customers or for monitoring machine wear due to heavy usage.

Average Usage

The Average Usage report shows the manager a breakdown of individual cards (accounts) used in the store using a fully customizable date range. The card number is listed on the left of the screen, followed by the customer's name (if collected), the numbers of visits the customer has made within the date range, and the average sum used per visit. Average usage can be a powerful tool for loyalty rewards and marketing at the location. If a customer uses the store frequently, a manager may wish offer a discount to the customer. If a customer has only come in once in 6 months, the manager may wish to send a letter with a discount to this customer to encourage further visits.

Bonus History

The bonus History report is similar to the Bonus Totals report, only more focused on the general history of bonuses in the store. The Bonus History report allows the manager to view the month to date, week to date, and current history in a customizable manner. Credit refers to the "float" of current bonuses issued. The ending date for the report may be changed by the manager next to "End Period Date". The Bonus History report offers the manager a view of how a bonus program is progressing within the store. It tells the manager how frequently bonuses are being used, which is necessary towards determining the progress of an implemented bonus program.

Bonus Totals

The Bonus Totals report shows the bonus activity for the store. The bonus information is shown for both the X-Changers and the machines in the store. The dollar amounts in this report are reflected as year to date, month to date, week to date, last month, and today's bonus amounts. Total bonus amounts are also shown for both the X-Changers and the machines. The Bonus Totals report allows the manager to see where and how bonuses are being distributed throughout the store.


This report shows all the collections that have been done. You enter the start date at the top of the screen, and all subsequent reports appear below. As an important security feature, each collection report is numbered sequentially. This flags your attention if someone else is collecting, but fails to turn in each report.

Credit Card Detail

The credit card detail report is only viewable if the credit card option has been purchased and installed. This report shows a list of available daily summary reports for all credit card transactions for any given day. This report may be useful in balancing credit card transactions against reports generated by your credit card merchant company. The links on the screen are labeled with a date code, for example the report for January 18th 2006 would be labeled 'CCDetail_01182006.rtf'. Clicking on the link will attempt to open the report in a word processing program, alternatively you may choose to right click on the link and 'Save As' the file to a location on your remote computer.

Credit Card Transaction

This report will give you a detail of transactions between a specified date range. The report details which X-Changer generated the sale as well as a customers laundry card that performed the transaction. This report is especially helpful when trying to find a customer by their credit card number.

Download Table

If the manager cannot find the specific information needed in one of the established reports, the manager can then create their own report by downloading the information from the database. Once the information is downloaded, it will be displayed in a spreadsheet format, saved on the manager's remote computer. The end date for the report may be entered by the manager for further customization. Note: Many data tables contain large amounts of information. Download times can be slow because of the dial-up connection. The manager should keep the date ranges close when downloading a report to save time.

Employees Hours

The manager enters any start and end date, and the report shows hours, with a subtotal for each employee and a grand total for the pay period.

Employee Usage

Employee usage is easily accessible by the manager using the Employee Usage report. This function allows the manager to see a date range sensitive list of employee's card usage. The accounts are shown in month to date, week to date, and today's transactions. A manager is able to see which machines (including vending) the employees at the store are using and when they were used.

Machine Activity

The Machine Activity report allows the manager to view the activity of a single machine within a manager appointed date range. The manager can specify which machine to investigate by inputting the machine number next to "Machine ID". Once the machine ID is entered along with the date range, the manager can see which card accessed the machine in question, along with the card type and the date. Machine activity is useful for investigating claims made by customers as well as determining who may have left a machine full. Machine Activity is especially effective if the manager registers customer cards.

Merged Cards

This report shows the merge activity, when an employee merges an customer card from one to another.  Both the source and destination cards are shown along with which employee performed the merge.  Also included is a summary by employee card on how many merge transactions that employee has performed between the dates selected.  Report is sorted from newest transaction first.

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Monthly reports are accessed differently than other reports. The manager can access the reports by clicking on one of the files listed under "Available Reports". The files are of two types, .csv and .htm. The .csv files will show the report in a spreadsheet format while the .htm files are displayed identical to the customary report format. The Monthly Reports allow the manager to view previous month's reports when needed. Monthly reports are important for the manager's records and are also effective towards tracking the stores financial progress.

Multi Store Transfers

If store subscribes to multi-store network service from CCI, this report will show the transfer activity to and from the location.  Filter dates can be modified to narrow the transaction results to the desired level.  Clicking on the card number will bring you to the cards detail page.

Multi-Vend Analysis

This report is only available on systems where the Multi-Vend option has been purchased and installed. This report shows which cycle options customers are using. If you are charging different amounts for different cycles then this report is valuable in determining what percentage of machine starts are using which cycle.

Sales By Hour

Report shows average sales per hour across the selected dates.  Data is provided as dollars per hour as well as the percentage of business per day.

Service History

The Service History report is used to show all of the service activity for all of the machines in the store. Enter a desired date range and then click on 'Refresh' to see the activity.

Starts History

In order to view the total machine starts in the store, the manager will view the Starts History report. The Starts History report shows the month to date, week to date, and today's starts history. The report is shown based on types of machines. The ending date for the report may be changed by the manager next to "End Period Date". The Starts History is effective towards viewing frequently used machines in the store


Shows real time sales information, sorted by type of machine. The report can also be expanded to show the detail of any individual machine. Click on the check box in the upper left hand corner and then select REFRESH REPORTS.

Totals History

The Totals History report is a robust function that allows the manager to view the transaction totals of the store. The Totals History report shows the X-Changer's financial history as well as the machine's financial history. Refund totals, Credit balance, and the number of cards sold are also given. The manager may view the details for each machine by checking the box next to "Show Details (for each machine)". The ending date for the report may be changed by the manager next to "End Period Date". The Totals History report is the overall, complete financial report on the X-Changer system.

Weekly Totals

The weekly summaries can be accessed using the Weekly Summary report. The weekly summaries are customizable by date range to show the sum each type of machine collects per week. The Weekly Summary shows the total sum for the store and the money added to the X-Changers. This function is effective in giving a focused view of machine history within a given week. A manager may use this report to spot usage trends at the store.