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FasCard is an electronic payment and management system designed to allow businesses an easy way to improve profitability by allowing their customers multiple payment options.  FasCard accomplishes this through the use of the FasCard wireless card reader and Fascard FasCard server network.  FasCard readers can be installed on almost any kind of self service equipment that natively accepts coin or cash including various brands and types of Laundry and vending equipment.  FasCard allows the business operator to supplement coin payments with credit/debit cards.  FasCard can also be configured to accept loyalty cards which can greatly improve customer retention and increase sales and profitability.  FasCard not only provides additional payment options but can monitor the existing coin/cash payments on a host machine.  Vend pricing is all controlled remotely with FasCard and allows business operators to change pricing and run sales reports from any internet enabled device, including PC's and smart phones.

The FasCard equipment comprises of two components, the FasCard reader and the Satellite Access Point also called an SAP.  The FasCard reader is custom designed WiFi enabled device that once installed, wirelessly communicates with the SAP.  The FasCard reader has a 128 x 64 pixel graphic capable back lit display that allows the system to easily communicate with the customers making sure that the vend process is simple and intuitive.  The reader is also equipped with 3 user input buttons to allow customers a way to directly communicate with the FasCard system, this is primarily useful when implementing loyalty programs.  The SAP is a communication link between the FasCard readers and the FasCard servers, ; the SAP is connected to the businesses internet connection and provides FasCard with fast real time functionality.  The SAP can be wall or ceiling mounted anywhere within 90 feet of the FasCard readers and use PoE (Power Over Ethernet) which means they don't require a separate power outlet at the install site.  The SAP works with almost any wired or wireless internet service and does not require a static IP address.


FasCard provides full remote access to system.  Change prices, setup  specialsspecials, and run reports , all from any internet enabled device such as iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC, Laptoplaptop, etc.

Does CCI develop their own software and hardware or is the product developed by a third party?

CCI develops everything in house,   both hardware and software.  All of our core assemblies are manufactured within 30 minutes of our office, all in the USA.  This is the same process and team that we used to engineer our LaundryCard product in 2000.