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This page is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions from customers.

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Account Setup

I haven't received any information on my account yet.

Click this link to see how CCI sets up and account as well as required documentation needed from the customer:

Verify with the customer they sent CCI all of the required documentation.

My customers aren't able to start a machine by holding their smart phone close to the F1/F2 reader. is not compatible w/ NFC at this time.  CCI will be switching to Bridgepay in the near future.  To be determined at a later date.

Accepting ApplePay

My customer is unable to add value to their card using the ApplePay App.

  1. Access Owner's FasCard Account/"Admin page", and verify "ApplePay InApp" is selected.
  2. Check service type is "AuthorizeNetV2" as this is what should be use to process as "Ecommerce" to accept ApplePay.  If the service type is set to "AuthorizeNetV1", the account is set up as Retail instead of Ecommerce.  (**Note** Telepro did switch all FasCard Accounts to "AuthorizeNetV2" in February 2019, but there may be a few still listed as "AuthorizeNetV1").
  3. If 1 and 2 are correct, go to account/"Account"/"Digital Payment Solutions" and make sure ApplePay is "Enabled".  Verify the Owner's Merchant is one of the 5 Merchants compatible with ApplePay.  If their Merchant is not compatible with AppePay, it will say "Not available", next to ApplePay. 

I have F1 readers and want to switch them all to F2 readers-what do I do?

Send account request to either Justin/Rein/Eugene change through chat.  For converting from F1 to F2 - It takes 24-48 hours to set up as an Ecommerce account (Done by Justin). 

Best Practice for setting a Pre-Auth Hold Amount

I want to set a Pre-Auth Hold amount that would cover my most expensive machine, how do I do that?

Have customer log into their FasCard admin account, go to the Admin tab, use this formula to set the Pre-Auth Hold amount:  most expensive wash option + most expensive dry option = Pre-auth amount.  


Where do I find my transaction reports?

When logged into 

  1. Go to reports
  2. Select "Settled Transactions"
    1. Select time and day
  3. OR Select "Transaction Search"/settlement date
    1. Settled or Unsettled

When logged into FasCard:

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select "Credit Card Transactions"
  3. Select the Date.

**Note**  When comparing reports, note the times below for each system.

  • close/settle transaction time is 11:50 pm
  • FasCard cut-off time is set at 11:50 pm


What are the CCI Fees for FasCard?

FasCard Fees:

Displays as CCI

CCI Hosting Recurring monthly fee $15/for 1-25 readers per location fees

Displays as

Account set-up is $49 (one-time fee)

Recurring monthly fee $15

.06 cents per batch/.06 cents per transaction

Merchant processor fees will vary and we have nothing to do with the fees set by the Merchant.

Signage Owners can display to explain the fees

Where can I find signs to display fees for my store?

There are many different type of signs a store owner can display to their customers, in both English and Spanish.  For FasCard, click:

Signs can be customized to display specific pricing fees.