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 This page provides relevant information about the function and installation of the Satellite Access Point (SAP) utilized in all FasCard systems.

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The Satellite Access Point or SAP is a bridge between the FasCard readers and the internet.  The SAP has an Ethernet port that connects to the locations internet connection and a wireless antenna that communicates with the FasCard readers.  The SAP is more than a wireless access point in that it provides valuable location status information to the FasCard administration site.  Each location requires a minimum of one SAP, multiple SAP's can be used to extend the wireless coverage area or provide redundancy.  The wireless range of a SAP is approximately 90 feet providing coverage to 180 foot diameter surrounding the SAP.  As many as a 110 card readers can be manged by a single SAP, although there are various factors where more SAP's may be required.  While the wireless signal will operate through walls and objects, signal strength may be degraded and interference from sources generating strong electromagnetic fields is possible. 

The SAP can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) device which eliminates the need to install a power source at the install site.  Power for the SAP is delivered through the Cat5 cable that connects the device to the local internet connection by way of the POE adapter utilized during installation.  SAP's can be wall or ceiling mounted with the mounting hardware provided and should be installed in a central location providing even coverage to all FasCard readers.

Important Information About the Satellite Device

The FasCard satellite (Mikrotik 951G-2HnD) device can accept power through its power jack or through the first Ethernet port:

  • The DC power jack accepts 8-30V DC.
    • Note: The DC power accepts a 5.5mm outside diameter, 2mm inside diameter, female, pin positive plug.
  • The first Ethernet port accepts passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) 8-30V DC.
    • Note: The 951G-2HnD satellite does not support PoE+ or PoE++ which typically supplies 48V DC.
  • Attempting to power a 951G-2HnD satellite with anything over its maximum rated acceptable input voltage of 30V DC may harm the device.
  • Under maximum load, the power consumption of this device is 7W.


Satellite Access Point (SAP)
Satellite POE Adapter

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