Kit Installation Notes

Install Kit (K-5704-CO)

Recommended Tools and Supplies

See F1 Reader Mounting Guide for more information.


Step 1 - Install Mounting Bracket

  1. Remove any existing Coin Drop.
  2. Install the C-5760 Metercase Bracket over the front of the Metercase.
  3. Refer to F1 Reader Mounting Guide for further information, as needed.

Step 2 - Connect Power

  1. Tap power as described in the Fascard Reader Install - Universal Concepts document using the C-5101 Spade Taps provided.
  2. Connect the C-5210 Power Adapter Harness to the installed spade taps. Connect the opposite end to the C-5602 Power Converter.
  3. Connect the C-5500 Power Extension Harness to the appropriate connector on the C-5602 Power Converter. The remaining cable end connects to the FasCard reader.

Step 3 - Connect Machine Start Harness

  1. Connect the C-5300-NC Machine Start Harness to the Machine Control Assembly.

Step 4 - Connect and Mount FasCard Reader

  1. Feed harness ends through mounting hole as described in the FasCard Mounting Guide.
  2. Connect the C-5300-NC Machine Start Harness to port 2 (Pulse Communication Port) as shown above.
  3. Connect the C-5500 Power Extension Harness to port 4 (C-5500 Power Harness Connection Port) as shown above.
  4. Connect FasCard reader to base as described in the F1 Reader Mounting Guide.
  5. Program the card reader address as described here: How to Program Address on a FasCard Reader.

Associated Equipment Models